Heart & Soil Collective’s mission is to connect people to the land where their food grows, making healthy food and hands-on nature experiences accessible to all.

Starting in March 2024: we are seeking local businesses to support food security programming by ‘sponsoring’ a senior. Businesses who donate are featured on our website and social media, and invited to join Board, volunteers and partner farms for a Soup Celebration in October!

Please visit our fundraising page to donate or for more information: ‘Sponsor’ A Senior Donor Drive

Local Food Programming:

Heart & Soil Collective’s Community Produce Program gets fresh produce purchased from small farms directly to local seniors and families through weekly delivery and distribution, our Winter Soup Program provides hearty soups made with ingredients purchased from small farms.

* Are you a local farm interested in getting involved? Let us know below!

Hands-On Experiences:

Throughout the year Heart & Soil Collective collaborates with farms and local organizations to offer educational opportunities for children and adults to learn to grow food, care for animals and become more connected to the land where their food grows.

Collaboration with small farms:

Heart & Soil Collective’s programming supports local agriculture through partnerships with small farms from whom we purchase produce in order to address food insecurity, create new revenue streams for farmers, build community and decrease food waste.