Community Produce Program

In 2020 we launched a pilot of  Community Produce Program- providing free, fresh produce grown on our farm to senior residents through weekly delivery and no-contact distribution. Community members joined the effort, donating ‘extra’ produce from home gardens and volunteering to help pack bags and make deliveries. The program was funded by a grant through EforAll Berkshire County, as well as our own on-line fundraising. We distributed nearly $2400 of fresh produce, at no cost, to senior residents in Lanesborough. Community Produce Program was such a success we incorporated a nonprofit, Heart & Soil Collective Inc. to keep it moving forward!

In 2021, deliveries ran from mid-July through October on Monday mornings, with produce from Olsen Farm, Holiday Brook Farm, Windy Ridge Organics, Mycoterra Farm and other local farms. 

Our long-term goal for Community Produce Program is to develop the program in towns across Berkshire County, helping local farms provide fresh foods directly to their communities. 

 The most impact can be made when we start at home- and expand. 

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This program was great. When I got my veggies on Tuesdays I would plan my dinner around it. Great produce, great people! Thank you.



This program was a wonderful way to reach out to the community in so many ways. It not only provided local fresh produce to seniors but it was a vehicle for community involvement at a time when people were looking for a way to stay connected and help their neighbors. Kudos to Kristen & Chris for not only identifying a need but for finding an innovative solution.

Linda Pruyne

This is a great community service and Kristen deserves a lot of credit for getting it started. I hope it continues to grow and thrive!