Meet our 2023 ‘Sponsor’ a senior donors:

‘Sponsor’ A Senior is an on-going donation drive where funds donated by businesses and individuals help cover the cost of Heart & Soil Collective’s food security programming. 

Meet the incredible local businesses and individuals who have helped make our food security programming possible by donating through our ‘Sponsor’ A Senior donation drive: 

Guido's Fresh Marketplace

1020 South Street, Pittsfield MA

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace is a family-owned marketplace founded in 1979 by brothers Chris and Matt Masiero. They now have two locations, in Pittsfield and Great Barrington, partnering with local businesses to provide the freshest foods possible. 

Visit their website for more information:

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace

Donnybrook Country Club

775 Williamstown Road, Lanesborough MA

Donnybrook Country Club is a family-owned golf course located in the picturesque Berkshire mountains. They provide beautiful grounds for members and host tournaments and events throughout the year. 

Visit their website to learn more:

Donnybrook Country Club



Injected Solutions

840 Cheshire Road, Lanesborough MA

Injected Solutions is a precision injection-molding company offering state of the art custom molding for the past 70 years in Berkshire County and beyond. From product engineering and design to creation to shipping- Injected Solutions can meet all of your custom molding needs.

Visit their website for more information:

Injected Solutions

Monarch Realty, Inc

 97 Summer Street, Adams MA

Monarch Realty Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate agency located in Adams MA. Originally founded in 1932 by Doris Hansen at a time when women were rarely seen working- never mind running their own businesses, Monarch Realty is now run by Doris’s grand children along with Monarch Timber Harvesting Inc.

Visit their website for more information:

Monarch Realty, Inc

A Von Schlegell & Co

Pittsfield, MA

Abbie Von Schlegell, of A Von Schlegell & Co has a lifetime of experience in fundraising and nonprofit management, with a focus on empowering women in business.  Now retired, Abbie continues to support entrapeneurs as a small business mentor across the Berkshires.

Visit their LinkedIn for more information:

Abbie Von Schlegell Bio

Rotary Club of Pittsfield

1015 South Street, Pittsfield MA

The Rotary Club of Pittsfield is part of the International Association of Rotary Clubs, with a world-wide mission of encouraging and fostering the ideal of service to others. 

The Rotary Club focusus on the advancement of international understanding and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.

To learn more about Pittsfield’s Rotary Club please visit their website here: Rotary Club of Pittsfield




Adams Community Bank

545 South Main, Lanesborough MA

Adams Community Bank’s motto is ‘We Treat You Like Family-‘ and it’s true! So much more than your average bank- the whole team at Adams go above and beyond typical banking through support for charitable causes and community programming across the Berkshires.

Adams Community Bank has branches in Adams, Cheshire, North Adams, Lanesborough, Pittsfield, Lenox Williamstown, Lee and Greatbarrington

To learn more about Adams Community Bank please visit their website here: Adams Community Bank