Backyard Remedies: Plant Preparations Workshop Series

In this hands-on workshop series participants will learn to identify, harvest and prepare simple ‘backyard remedies,’ using plants found commonly across the Berkshires.

  • Learn to identify medicinal plants growing in your backyard!
  • Receive a photo ID pamphlet of common medicinal plants, properties, contraindications and harvest times
  • Hands-on workshops on sustainable wild foraging, preparing tea, tincture, syrup, infused oil and salve
  • Recipes for some of our favorite preparations!

*Tentative plants covered: dandelion, raspberry leaf, goldenrod, violet, plantain, nettle, red clover, St. Johns Wort

$240.00 price for 8 workshops *Individual class prices available, please be in touch for options

We are not medical professionals, these workshops are not meant to diagnose or treat medical conditions but are presented as educational tools for those interested in learning about plant remedies.

Who: Anyone interested in learning more about collecting and preparing plant remedies!

When: Eight workshops, May through August, 2023. Workshops will be held on weekend days, TBA

Where: Olsen Farm, Lanesborough MA